Spanish Kids Song/Cancion Infantil: Un Patito (The Little Duckling)

“Un Patito” (Little Duckling) is a straightforward Spanish child’s tune, which makes it a decent spot to fire looking over your Spanish. One of the extraordinary recollections of my adolescence is of my mom singing “Un Patito” as far as I might be concerned, of us singing it together, of singing it with my sister, at a wide range of settings. Indeed, even as a grown-up, I end up singing it every once in a while, when there are no youngsters around, just in light of the fact that it is something glad to do.

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Verses (Letra) to “Little Duckling” in Spanish:

Letra de “Un Patito”:

1. Un patito tengo yo

2. Que mi mother me compro

3. Sabe cantar, sabe bailar

4. Y quando se pon el sol

5. El patito triste está

6. No come ya

7. Y el pobrecito se enfermará

Note: In line 7, my mom consistently subbed “enfermará”(meaning to become debilitated) for the first tune’s lethal “morirá;” (which means to kick the bucket).

Here is a nearby in general interpretation:

The general Spanish to English interpretation is made to seem like a local English-speaker, to provide you with a feeling of the believing, the temperament, the importance, of the first piece. A few interpretations are done to sound wonderful in the subsequent language, with an outcome that can change incredibly from the first. This interpretation is extremely near the Spanish.