Laser Marking and Laser Etching on Glass for Industrial Applications

The marking of glass for business use has been executed for loads of years. In the past the strategies used have covered ink stamp marking, sand blasting, air grit, acid etching, scribing and so forth.

Industrial packages of glass marking consist of:

1. Marking of safety statistics on protection glass utilized in industrial and residential creation. This consists of glass areas round doorways and/or front and go out places.

2. Marking of glass for commercial and residential production to perceive the glass or door producer [for product identification and marketing/sales activity]

three. Marking of headlamp or tail mild lens in car applications for manufactures call, year of manufacture and/or element variety. Also used within the manufacture of televisions for marking mirrors and lens.

4. Marking of serial range, product identification, or other manufacturing statistics for the prevention of robbery and validation of warranty claims

5. Marking serial numbers, component numbers, textual content, or bar codes bearing in mind components to be tracked though the manufacturing procedure till very last assembly and cargo

The traditional techniques of glass marking all involve touch with the floor of the glass product which exposes the product to pressure and ability damage. Co2 lasers provide large benefits for marking glass products. The RF excited sealed beam Co2 laser coupled with a galvo head and software gives the fastest, cleanest, most reliable approach for marking and etching glass.

A Co2 laser can laser mark glass with bar codes, mainly 2-D or statistics matrix bar codes, which can effortlessly be coupled with imaginative and trendy men’s glasses prescient systems for studying the statistics contained within the bar code. The use of bar codes on glass allows for the product to be tracked all of the way thru the production manner till final assembly. This helps assure a continuous uninterrupted supply of product. The laser marked or laser etched bar code can also be used after the sale of the product for identification functions and validation. This enables to remove assurance expenses related to counterfeit or unauthorized merchandise.

A Co2 laser marked or laser etched bar code can also be examine via vision systems inside the manufacturing method to decide the identification of the component. Examples include prescription energy of eye glass lens, or the kind of the front headlamp lens utilized in a Honda Civic. This guarantees that the part is taken care of and used well all through the manufacturing method and that an appropriate wide variety of parts is produced primarily based on predicted sales for final assembled components.

The advances of Co2 laser marking of glass over traditional methods are large. These include:

o No touch with the element as in scribing strategies thereby lowering the opportunity of breakage to and harm of the component, in addition to removal of the maintenance required for the scribe unit

o No solvents, thinning, or cleansing agents to buy and preserve in inventory as in the case of ink marking or ink printing systems, thereby significantly reducing costs of operation and casting off the want for non-stop upkeep related to these various ink printing technologies

o No pads for ink printing to maintain as they are able to fall to an perspective or emerge as became sideways inflicting the broadcast picture on the glass to appear sideways or now not rectangular

o No want to forestall the glass in place and make sure a at ease fit with the rubber masks is shaped as within the case of Airgrit marking

o With Co2 laser marking for commercial glass programs the product may be marked on the fly [while moving]. If stopped or ‘squared’ for marking, five to 8 traces of textual content plus logo’s can be laser etched in less than 0.Five of a 2d

o With Co2 laser marking no materials are vital and no secondary technique exists for cleansing or preservation

o With Co2 laser marking changes to the mark [different text, different logo, difference shape, etc] may be completed with a simple click and drag command of the mouse

Co2 laser marking for glass in industrial packages is the quickest, most effective, least pricey approach wherein to mark the product.